How To Start Getting Paid For A Designer Using Instagram

Let’s suppose that you have great skills in designing PowerPoint templates and that you are confident enough of making a career out of it.

You set up a nice page, let’s say a website for your designing work. And that you are able to showcase your skills in the form of templates and presentations over there. Another thing you can do also is creating a profile on all the social media around there. It’s especially important to start your portfolio on visual-focused websites like Behance and dribble, but the best thing you can do is to create an account on Instagram and link all the entries together. Having your portfolio previews uploaded, you’d better visit website and buy instagram likes on it to make it look visited and popular for your future employers.

But then again, for working and getting paid, you will need to get noticed. Either by a big brand or some other big designing corporation, where you can earn a lot of money.

Further down the road, if you are looking to set up your own empire, then there are things to notice and workover, in order to get paid. But then again, definitely, you can get paid, and you can also become an online star.

Let’s look how.

Setting up an Online Designing Profile

For setting up a digital profile, it is important to know the internet and its tools in and out.

You have to realize the importance of all the social media platforms that are out there and the ways in which you can exploit them. As a designer, it will be important that you have your own web page, where you share your designs and work with the world. It can be a PowerPoint design or even some illustrations which the people would love to use while creating PowerPoint presentations.

Another great idea can be to channelize this energy to your social media platforms too. Your online visibility will matter a lot, and that you will have to socialize yourself in order to get noticed as a designer.

Let’s suppose that you choose Instagram as one of the main sources of your income, as it also allows you to share high-quality photos and videos. As a graphic designer, what would you ask for? I guess a platform which has a large user base and a platform where you can share your work so that it is appreciated, as well as noticed.

High-quality graphics can be shared on Instagram, and you can also work as a paid designer. Starting off, it’s possible to create a business profile over Instagram, which will help you in keeping your work life and personal life separately.

Moving ahead, regular participation and frequent posts would really mean that you are dedicated to building a career out of the same.

When you find a fan base, it will be quite easy to reach out to big brands for working with them. Out there in the market, you will a lot of opportunities where you can not only work as an affiliate but also as a sponsored designer. In place of promoting the services of a brand, you can get paid.

On Instagram, whenever you feel that you have a huge fan base and that you can trigger the option of sponsored ads, you will find more ways of earning money.

Linking your webpage on your Instagram profile can also be a good move, as your followers will be directed to your webpage.

On your personal website, you can link or put ads of other brands, and collaborate with them. Not only that, but along with your designs, you can also engage in affiliate marketing.

On Instagram, if you find that you don’t have many followers and likes, then you can also move forward with the idea of buying some. Buying Instagram likes will not cost you much, and it will also get the job done for you, in much less time. I mean it does look like a shortcut, but then, it’s not a wrong move.

Once you have a lot of likes on your works, new followers won’t take long to show up on your page, and you can also start a business of selling the copyright of your designs to other buyers.

Quality work is in demand everywhere, and therefore it will not be difficult for you to sell your designs. And as soon as you start getting clients, it will not be very difficult to make a lot of money, through the same.

Later on, collaborations and events can also get you money. And then, brands can also hire you for creating their designs and graphics.

Some Popular Names

Steve Harrington and Velvet Spectrum are two big names in the designing industry, and you can also check out their Instagram profile. They are great sources of inspiration and you can get a lot of inspiration by checking out their work as well as a website.

These were some of the tips, through which you can get paid as a designer.