Death Note (Death Note (2017))

Until recently, the student Light Turner was no different from his peers, but once a notebook fell into his hands, which changed his life, and put the guy on a level with the Gods.
It all began during a severe thunderstorm, when suddenly a thick notebook called “Death Note” fell from the sky next to Light. He took a notebook and hurried to shelter from the rain at school, but on the way he witnessed how local bully Kenny mocked a weak teenager. Perhaps Light would have passed by, but a girl named Mia Sutton attacked the bully, in which Turner was secretly in love, and he had to fight. Light got a lot, and the guy remembered the notebook only when he was left after class as a punishment for what Turner did for others' homework for the money. Out of boredom, he opened a notebook in which there were many rules. One of the rules stated that a person will die if his name is entered into a strange notebook, and for this it is enough to mentally imagine the face of the future victim, as well as think of a way of death.
Light did not believe at first, but a demon immediately appeared who called himself Ryuk and offered to test the effect of the notebook. Very conveniently on the street Kenny pestered another victim, and Light, without hesitation, wrote his name in a notebook, asking him to tear off his head. There was an accident on the street, during which a staircase fell off the car, and it took Kenny's head off. Light liked to do justice, and that evening he wrote another hateful name in the notebook. A few years ago, a wealthy businessman, Anthony Skomal, knocked Light's mother to a car to death. The boy's father, James, was a good cop, but he was not able to put Anthony in jail, because he had bribed the jury, and now the murderer was enjoying his freedom. As soon as Light entered the name of Anthony in the notebook, he immediately died while in the restaurant. Everything looked like an accident, and no one would suspect Leith was involved in these deaths if the guy had not decided to fight crime all over the world.
Light told about Mie's notebook, and together they decided to intimidate the criminals, for which they wrote in the notebook the names of the most famous murderers who were serving sentences in prisons on different continents. One day they all committed suicide by writing on the wall before dying that God punished Cyrus. The inscriptions were made with hieroglyphs, although none of the criminals knew Japanese, and these deaths led to a great resonance in society. In the world, crime rates unexpectedly dropped, and ordinary people idolized Cyrus, not suspecting that two young people were standing behind this name. The FBI attended to the mass death of criminals, which numbered more than four hundred. The guardians of the law understood that one day Cyrus would start killing innocent people, therefore secret agent L was ordered to calculate and arrest the person hiding under this name. Meanwhile, Ryuk got out of control of Light, and destroyed 12 FBI agents, so the guy had to develop a cunning plan to destroy the cunning demon ...