Far Cry New Dawn - Hidden stocks, Treasures, Posts and Predators

To create weapons, you need craft materials. The main types of raw materials are: springs, components, electrical tape and gears.

Each location has a specific type and amount of hidden craft materials. Collect them all to remove their place on the map. If you unlock a quick trip, you can use it to quickly get to the right items.

hidden treasures

While exploring Hope County, you can find places where treasures are hidden. Each search for hidden stocks and talent journals is associated with missions. In total, you can find ten treasures.

The first treasure is located in the center of the canines. You can find it by completing the mission & quot; Who beats the bell & quot ;.

Another treasure can be found in the Crypt Parker. Complete the & quot; Out of Control & quot; mission to get it.

At Skylar Riddle you will find the third treasure. Solve the puzzle to get to the prey.

In the studio Zilon you will find the fourth treasure. leak detection services in Sunshine Coast. Complete an unusual quest to get it.

The fifth treasure is in the courtyard of Nadine.

Next to the ruins of the railway bridge you will find the sixth treasure. Complete the mission & quot; Best plan & quot; to get it.

In the funeral home of Eden there is the seventh treasure. Complete the quest; Burning Souls & quot; and get to the prey.

The eighth treasure can be found on the river, next to the cell mechanic. Complete the mission and go with the flow.

The penultimate treasure can be found in the area of ​​the Tooth Chapel. Do the work & quot; Let them burn & quot; to get to the prey.

The last treasure. Go to the & quot; Waterfalls of suffering & quot; and complete the mission to get to the booty.


Important points on the map are control posts, that is, the headquarters of the bandits. Hope County has ten places like this. You can free the gates, thereby earning ethanol.

If you decide to search the post after returning, then stronger and better armed enemies will return. Outposts are a good place to travel because they are often located in strategic places. Use workshops in the territory of the repulsed bases for making weapons and replenishing ammunition.


Fighting predators in the game is not only a way to survive, but also a way to acquire craft materials. During the exploration of Hope County, you will meet many animals who will want to fight with your character.

Among hostile animals, we distinguish six mammals and one species of fish. You will meet predators in the game area, so be careful when exploring wildlife. Especially beware of cougars and fish that may unnoticeably attack your character.

Predators are fighting for survival. Always have a first aid kit and ammunition on hand. Remember also about the ally - Horace, who effectively distract the attention of predators, and the presence of the Judge will prevent the attack of animals.

If you have a weapon of lower rank, it is better to run away from a stronger animal. However, if you want to get loot, try using a bow to get more skin. Also use bait for animals.