The crew of the "Flying Dutchman" № 5

Having finished the work, gentlemen of fortune unexpectedly for the first time felt the “blow of fate” for the first time: they took it into their head to drive away the caravan with the trailer from the Flying Dutchman and could not start the car. The engine cooled in January cold, and maybe the battery "exhausted", the spark disappeared. Rushed in search of "tractor". Found "KAMAZ", but the driver turned out to be with a habit, did not help even the old acquaintance with him Bystrov. Perhaps, out of a sense of professional reciprocity, he would have taken in tow a Kamaz with a trailer, but the guys did not ask him about it. For some reason, they only asserted one thing: take a cabins to the side of the cab and “throw them” onto another street, said something unintelligible about the co-operative, that they would not be in debt, that their car had stalled, and the car had to be delivered to a place...

- Bail out, Sidyakin, - begged Bystrov, - understand, Boris, I must help a friend ...

Sidyakin looked at the carriage, noticed that the carriage wheels had long and thoroughly frozen into the crust formed around them, he realized that it was not a clean matter, he cut it short:

- I can not.

“Well, at least get me and a friend to the Obvodny Canal, I'll look for a car there,” Bystrov jumped at the last chance. - To the Krasnooktyabrsky bridge ...

- Go.

Bystrov and Migas boarded the Sidyakin cabin.

There certainly should not miss one detail that played a fatal role in the fate of gentlemen of luck. When, after reloading the goods, Bystrov and Migas went in search of the “tractor”, Polinetsky (indeed, truly - Fraer's greed, as they used to say in Odessa) handed them his plastic bag, which he managed to put in a “smart jumper” during the overload.

Sidyakin drove them to the specified location. They could not find the car there and on foot they went to the Flying Dutchman in complete disarray - what to do next? It would seem that everyone had foreseen, but the likely episode with a stalled engine did not “lose”, did not insure.

Carried away with the analysis of the operation and almost nose to nose met with a police car. Could not stand the nerves. Gentlemen rushed to run ...


3. Revelation of the police major

- You, probably, after reading the convincing conclusion, you got the impression that it was easier to solve these crimes by taking a turnip? - asked police major E. Opanasovich. - If you think so, you are deeply mistaken.

Although, if you speak frankly, it did not go without errors. It is possible to admit that our colleagues, territorialists from the Leninsky district department went on criminals by accident. This is thank God that on that day in Leningrad a citywide raid was conducted on the protection of public order. And yet, if we are to be completely honest, if we didn’t escape Bystrov and Migas, she would have passed by the police car when she saw the police car. Moreover, the already detained Bystrov and Migas could get off with a slight fright if they didn’t find the same jumper that Polintsky was coveted on and the seal that Bystrov put in his pocket so as not to leave material evidence near the van. This is a paradox of seemingly sensible precaution! But he once again testifies that every chance is indeed an unknowable necessity. achat de Viagra générique achat de Viagra générique