The literal interpretation of dreams

The specific interpretation of dreams was made by Russian scientists who developed a method for determining the mental state of a person according to his dreams. We can safely say that our ancestors had a dream book as a reference book.
For millennia, folk wisdom has scrupulously accumulated facts of human behavior in certain situations, comparing them with their nightly reflection. And this made it possible, with varying degrees of probability, to predict its future. Russian researchers have done the same work on a scientific basis. Employees of the Department of Nervous Diseases set themselves the task: to identify the relationship between a person’s dreams and the state of his nervous system.
The main group of subjects consisted of children and adolescents - healthy and with neurotic disorders. Polls revealed very serious factors. It turned out that healthy people, no matter how disturbing their sleep, are always optimistic. Anxiety does not terrify them, but induces action, to find a way out of any situation. And their dreams always end well: all obstacles are safely overcome. Already for this one person, getting out of bed, can be sure that his nerves are all right.
A completely different picture for neurotics. Their dreams are full of hopelessness, and unlike healthy people, they are rarely associated with real events. Suddenly, they face a wall that needs to be overcome, but they don’t know how to do it and don’t even try. Or on the way to a tempting goal a thick fog envelops them, and they freeze in confusion, afraid to take a step in any direction. Obstacles can be very different, but the result is the same: they are insurmountable. Often in a dream, their relatives are in trouble, and they do not try to help them. The severity of the situation is aggravated by the fact that these events take place in unfamiliar surroundings and in dark blue-green tones. According to psychiatrists, blue indicates the need for a person to satisfy their desires and attachment to someone, and green indicates the need for self-affirmation. But whatever happens in a dream, patients with neurosis do not look for a way out of the situation, they want the cause of the alarm to disappear by itself. This is a reflection of real life, in which they do not expect anything good for themselves. And it is not surprising that they consider their dreams to be prophetic.
Researchers have already concluded from their work: the features of dreams can be used to diagnose emotional and personality disorders. But it can not only doctors. If you suddenly begin to dream of disturbing situations from which there is no way out, if there is a feeling in a dream of fear that does not go away even after waking up and stress appears, you should hurry to see a doctor soon and check your nerves. Premier water heater installation and repair specialists in Riverside