Hallway Design

From the hallway of the room begins acquaintance with your housing. It is in this room that your guests immediately fall. It seems to be still not an apartment, but, no longer a street. So, so that your friends and people who just come to visit you have a good idea of ​​your apartment, pay special attention to the design of your hallway.
Unfortunately, very few can boast the large size of their hallway. It so happened that in almost all city apartments, this room is quite cramped and small.
Therefore, many face certain difficulties during the repair of the hallway. How to create a design for a small hallway so that it looks attractive, modern and comfortable? Although this is not a simple business, it is quite feasible. It is better, of course, to contact a specialized company that is engaged in the repair and design of apartments.
So, first of all, get rid of old and bulky furniture. Replace it with a small closet - a compartment, without which it is very difficult to imagine a modern entrance hall. The walls and ceiling in this room must be bright. Also, visually enlarge the room, you can use the right lighting.
Almost any style is suitable for the entrance hall. Just keep in mind that each interior requires a careful selection of decor and related accessories. The main task in the design of the hallway is to choose the right combination of different colors, as well as materials. The space in the small hallway must be organized in such a way that it does not look congested.
If you are a romantic at heart, then the entrance hall, designed in soft lilac tones, is perfect for you. It is this color that has some kind of magical properties. It will awaken not only your fantasies and emotions, but also aromas. This color is associated with a pleasant summer warm rain.
Also, the hallway can be made bright and contrast. This finish option is more suitable for young and active people. Bright orange or lime green and lemon colors look very original and stylish in the hallway interior. Your hallway will turn out to be bright, cheerful and energetic.
Another option for decorating the hallway is to give it a noble and elegant appearance. To do this, in this room you need to hang a chic crystal chandelier, put some elegant and beautiful armchairs and add a couple of objects or accessories that you associate with nobility and grace. It is worth noting that such a design of the hallway is suitable only for a rather spacious room. Harmonica Linea official http://harmonicalinea.com