The computer at Sunday and usual schools whether it is necessary for school students?

Technologies fascinated everything presently, all is computerized and respectively it turns out what to be able to work with the computer all owe. There are questions: "And whether the computer at school is necessary? Whether it is necessary to study how to work at the computer or not?"

On the one hand, one may say, as so each house has a computer, and he can independently study it, but on the other hand not so, and just to understand everything independently. And then, everyone generally is engaged in something in one, plays, draws, sits on social networks, and a set of other functions of the computer remain not opened. And another can order online essay help thanks to the computer.

Knowledge of the computer can be useful then in work. Someone holds the opinion that will teach everything in a workplace, but it not absolutely so. Than more knowledge and confidence in the knowledge, that high probability to get a good job. Informatics lessons at school have to acquaint pupils with the main parts of the computer and with the main programs.

The school studies even programming bases if to speak about the same Pascal. And even if not everyone will be engaged in programming, nevertheless, this knowledge allows to develop logic and thinking.

Some dare to look in the future and to say that pupils will once go to school without books and notebooks but only with the laptop. The truth for this purpose is distance learning when it is not absolutely obligatory to go in general to school; it is possible to stay at home and studies. Besides, computer technologies are used also in teaching other objects to organize the presentations, etc.

Pupils write papers, in different objects using the computer, look for additional material. All this says that the informatics at school as a subject is obligatory. For improvement of development of material it is possible to divide a class into 2 groups which are engaged in turn, so that the teacher could work with everyone individually if necessary. So the decision is in reforming partially teaching informatics at school. The advantage of informatics at school is also that to master the computer at school all can master, even children from those families which are not able to afford to buy the computer for the house.