Do-it-yourself doghouse

In order to deal with the question of how to build a dog house with your own hands, you do not need to have special knowledge about the intricacies of creating this garden element. But you need to remember and pay special attention to the fact that the place where the dog’s housing will be located must be correctly chosen, and the building materials from which you will build the dog’s house yourself are warm, reliable and comfortable. Below we will help you figure out how to make a do-it-yourself booth.

When drawing up a booth drawing, it is necessary to rely on the following key points:

1. The size of the manhole should be 5-10 centimeters larger than the width of the dog’s chest.

2. The height of the manhole should be 5 centimeters lower than the height of the withers of the pet.

3. The ideal height of the booth will be selected by adding 5-10 centimeters to the height of the standing dog.

4. The depth of the erected dwelling will be equal to its height. However, some thoroughbred dog species may require different sizes.

If the future inhabitant of the booth is of impressive size, the best place for him will be to build in a special aviary for the dog. After determining the parameters of the booth, a drawing is sketched: this will help to better coordinate actions and facilitate the construction. When building a dog house on your own, you must remember that you need to use only environmentally friendly materials. The best choice is coniferous trees. Often for construction use special twelve-millimeter lining, fiberboard, DPS, plywood and floorboards, as in the photo. In addition, bars with sizes 100x100, 40x40 and 100x50 will be necessary. Creating corners and decorating is done with the help of a wooden corner, a symmetrical baseboard and a decorative rail.

Warming of the booth occurs with the use of glassine or polystyrene. In some cases, mineral wool is perfect. The roofing material of the dog's home is a professional sheet or slate. It is strongly recommended not to resort to the use of tiles or roofing material: the dog will gnaw at materials of this kind.

Making a doghouse

First cut the board. In those cases when the roof is planned to be sloping, the back wall of the booth is necessarily made shorter than the front: this will make the rainwater slope backward, i.e. for the booth. Then comes the harvesting of wooden blocks for the frame base of the booth.

After this, they begin to knock together the frame, and this process occurs in strict accordance with the intended drawing. Next is the sheathing of the frame base from the inside with the help of boards, and immediately after - the construction of the roof. To ensure the safety of the dog, the boards are carefully sanded. A manhole is made in the front wall of the house for the pet. Do not forget that after the construction of the manhole, the inner faces should also be polished.

Then they go on to the process of insulation, which consists in warming the floor, walls and roof with foam, over which there is an external wall of boards. Then, sheathing the outer borders of the booth. Immediately after, a sealing procedure takes place, which provides for the elimination of the transmission capacity of cracks and seams. This protects the booth from possible wind and rainfall. After sealing, the roof is roofed with slate sheets. At the final stage, it is recommended to treat the booth with an antiseptic. Click here and go to with tonns of amateur porn video