Brutal leaders and their “secret hobbies”: Joseph Stalin

Well, today we continue to discuss the hobby of bright, charismatic and, at the same time, cruel leaders.
This time Joseph Stalin “joins” us with his love for drawing ...
To drawing naked men.
You know, in the head and the pictures flicker one more beautiful than the other ...
Joseph was freed from the works of the righteous - for today the plan sent to the Gulag was completed and you can rest.
Here he is settling down at his favorite writing desk with a strong drink, and near him, in the fireplace, a flame rages ...
and this is all for the sake of drawing old good pornography.
Joseph Stalin painted naked men!
Personally, I liked the drawings of Stalin, but the captions under the pictures were not very good.
In addition to creating impressive drawings, Stalin liked to leave comments under them, most often it was destructive and obscene remarks about comrades in the Communist Party. Some were funny, some vice versa.
"Drawings of Stalin"
For example:
Commentary relating to the Marxist theorist George Plekhanov, who spoke out against the October Revolution.
Stalin, a writer, throws a drawing of a naked man and writes: “Plekhanov, why are you pointing back? A coward and an enemy of the people! ”
There are comments - just rude jokes about nudity. Like, "Do not sit with a bare ass on the stones," writes Joseph Stalin under the picture of a naked man sitting on a pedestal. Or "Give the boy pants!"
As far as I know, the Stalin collection was presented at the exhibition in December 2009.
The name of the exhibition - "Messages from the Great Leader: Stalin's autographs." According to the organizers of the exhibition, the collection was preserved by people who worked for Stalin’s security service, but with regards to the current owner, he decided to remain anonymous.
I remember, then an examination was carried out, which examined the handwriting under the drawings and confirmed that the inscriptions were made personally by Joseph Stalin.
Pictures with naked men caused an avalanche of rumors about the homosexual inclination of the Leader, and "pepper" added a few comic comments about masturbation.
As a result, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published an article entitled: “Stalin and naked men: what was between them?”!
Although, the rumors still go, but they tried to hush up, turning to psychologists.
Psychologists did not disappoint the people, saying that despite the frank drawings, they did not find any manifestation of homosexuality.
Let it be so!
That was Joseph Stalin’s hobby! He loved to paint naked men. And Stalin's drawings - made masterfully - are hard to argue with. תמונות חושניות וטלפונים של נערות ליווי מדליקות