Gratitude as a tool for raising money

To attract money into your life you need to be able to thank and have a feeling of gratitude!

  Such a beautiful word & quot; thank & quot; - the blessing to give! Gratitude - always and everywhere has weight and value. Someone helped you get off the bus - thank you, just said something affably - thank you, make your dream come true (albeit tiny) - give thanks!

   About the power of gratitude they say and write a lot. The bottom line is that if there is no gratitude for what is, how more can come. If you are thanked, it always inspires you to try further and even more. The power of gratitude is very noticeable on men. The husband, who is regularly thanked by his wife, tries more and more, and if the mother-in-law constantly scolds him, then he doesn’t want to do anything and try. It seems the same person, but the actions are different.

   Are we often so grateful? Do we give thanks for everything? By myself I can say - not for everything and not always to be grateful.

 If you think seriously - the biggest thanks should be for LIFE.

It is a miracle that it is you, such as you live in this world, rejoice in something, sad about something, go somewhere. Instead of this awareness, people complain and cry for life. There are those who openly criticize their lives and the people in their lives. Do not be like this, always try to realize the value of your life, even when everything collapses in it. Sometimes everything collapses only in order to make room for a new one and your task is not to scold or mourn, but think well what to create in the vacated place.

  I love the phrase: "if the stars are lit in the sky, it means someone needs it!" & quot; I truly believe that everyone who lived, lives and will live is given this great blessing - life is not just like that, and certainly not to sit at the same place day after day and complain.

   I noticed that even non-living objects and sometimes strange events are subject to gratitude. I somehow at work (being an employee) tried to make the computer work, I had to do an urgent job, and the technician was hanging. While I was hysterical and angry, nothing worked, only I began to praise and thank - the computer began to work abruptly. There was a moment in life when a bus left in the winter just before our very eyes, and this was repeated over and over again. I'm so sick of it, until you wait for the next - you will freeze. And somehow I walked and I think that if I came and sat on the bus without expectations, how grateful I would be! And so it happened, I was driving happy and thanking all the way, since then the bus did not leave right in front of me, I always left immediately and easily.

 A simple case of my life. Yes, it is difficult always to be grateful for everything, but this is the key that opens the most closed and impregnable doors.

  Thank for any bill that came to you, thank the arrival of money. This is so inspires your money, and even winged - they will definitely fly to you! I thank for the fact that I have money to pay for housing, food, clothes ... After all, if you think about it, thanks to the money we can afford a lot and the more money, the more opportunities. Why then we do not thank for these opportunities? Give thanks and feel gratitude! ! !

   Get a notepad of thanks and write everything that you are grateful for! From simple and banal things and events. When you start to keep such records you will see how much for that you can feel a sense of gratitude. i like it CVV store