Autochemistry: Shampoos, polishes

Every motorist wants his car to please the eye as long as possible with its technical condition, including the paint and varnish coating (paintwork). At the moment, auto chemical manufacturers offer a wide range of cosmetics for the car: Car shampoos, Shampoo-cleaners as well as all kinds of cleaners. How can we figure out all this variety? First of all, you need to understand why this or that cosmetics is specifically used. Atoshampuni-dissolves well in water and is used for washing the car and cleaning the cabin. The composition may include polishing additives, which will give, though short-lived, protection and shine to the paintwork of your car. Shampoos - cleaners: Can be used both in concentrated form and in diluted form. In a concentrated form, they do well with old stains of tar, insects, greasy stains and oil drips. In diluted form can be used as a regular shampoo. There are several types of polishes: Abrasive, Color-engraved, protective, wax, express polishes. Abrasive polishes contain: microparticles as if removing the top layer of paint damaged from the influence of environmental factors, allowing to smooth out small flaws and scratches, to refresh the appearance of the car. Polishes of this type have their own types: coarse abrasive and small abrasive. Abrasives are used to remove serious scuffs and scratches and small abrasives are needed to remove small scratches and scuffs and to finish the paintwork to a perfect condition. Apply polishes abrasive type is only in the case when it is necessary: ​​after all, from the use of paintwork becomes thinner. Color polishes contain particles of the primary color of the paint. When applying particles polishes fill cracks and scratches, which refresh the overall look of the paintwork. Protective polishes contain additives of synthetic substances, which in the process of application create a coating that protects against environmental influences. Wax polishes contain wax or other synthetic substances that give a car a freshness and well-groomed. Such polishes do not have protective properties. Express polishes: most often, liquid products that give the ability to quickly bring appearance to good condition in a short period of time, do not have protective properties. The so-called anhydrous cleaners are also used to remove local contamination (for example, insect traces). premium vebsite Download hentai games and enjoy playng