Apartments for rent in Telfs, Austria

Telfs resort, located in the Tyrol region 25 kilometers from Innsbruck, attracts outdoor enthusiasts in summer and winter. Tourists coming to this picturesque place have the opportunity to book their villas, apartments or small alpine houses on their own. All housing in the resort town, designed for rental vacationers, is ideally fit into the landscape of a mountain valley.

Telfs is a small settlement with about 15 thousand inhabitants; its development over the past decades is connected with the tourism industry. Skillfully using the natural and climatic features of the area, they have created an excellent infrastructure that promotes excellent relaxation. Tourists coming to Telfs in the winter have the opportunity to enjoy skiing; the length of the tracks in the ski area is about 240 km.

The slopes are designed for ski lovers with the most diverse levels of training, beginners of any age who come to the resort can learn the wisdom of skiing in ski schools. Telfs has modern lifts; the skiing region has skiing and snowboarding trails. Directly on the slopes there are several restaurants where tourists can have a snack during the day.

Since travelers having a rest in the mountain resorts have high physical exertion, living conditions become the most important moment. Outdoor enthusiasts who decide to rent villas in Austria guarantee themselves excellent conditions for relaxation and rejuvenation after a day on the slopes. Living in a rented villa in Telfs offers the highest level of comfort.

In the summertime at the mountain resort you can go climbing (the sports center has a special wall for these purposes) and mountain biking; many tourists willingly participate in hiking trips. In Telfs there are tennis courts and a golf course, outdoor and indoor pools, a bowling alley and shooting range, basketball and volleyball courts, there are two schools for horse riding enthusiasts. All this contributes to the diverse outdoor activities of tourists.

The modern infrastructure of this resort town can no longer be imagined without a wellness center, sauna, steam baths, fitness center and massage parlors. The Alpine valley in which Telfs is located is famous for the abundance of sun, here there are very few cloudy days during the year, sunny weather contributes to the good mood of vacationers. This resort is known for fun festivals organized throughout the year.

Rest in Telfs involves getting acquainted with its sights; many tourists make study tours to Innsbruck, which hosted the Winter Olympics twice (the journey to the capital of Tyrol takes about half an hour). By renting an apartment or a cottage in Telfs on your own, you will not be dependent on the work schedule of local restaurants, you will have the opportunity to cook food when it is needed.

The availability of cooking facilities is far from the only advantage of renting a vacation home. It is not surprising that most of our compatriots traveling to ski resorts make reservations for apartments in Austria using the Internet. “Own” accommodation on vacation in Telfs is the key to a pleasant and memorable pastime in this attractive corner of the Austrian Alps. Today, keys are being replaced by locks that are getting smarter each year. Advanced technology makes the keys smarter, and the house owner often left with a feeling of being stupid, but it’s difficult to talk about these smart gadgets without touching on the technology behind them. On the good side however, a respected service provider is well updated regarding smart home software and the technology of high-tech locks as well as other security gadgets for home owners like you and me. Today a locksmith is not only installing traditional locks, but is actually the best person to review your home